October 14th, 2013 by Forrest Frazier

Every social network has its own identity, which is mainly characterized by its users. Thus, women in particular are active on Pinterest, and Instagram. Tumblr is used most by teenagers. Thanks to the possibility of analysis of demographic data, we can very well determine which target groups on which platforms are most active and what income they have. In a new report from BI Intelligence, demographic data (U.S. focus) of the largest social networks were published.


1 Facebook: The age group of 45 – to 54-year-old has been growing since the end of 2012 by 45%, 73% of users have an income of about U.S. $ 75,000

2 Instagram: 68% percent of Instagram users are women

3 Twitter has a surprisingly young user base, because 27% of 18 – to 29-year-olds in the U.S. use Twitter, compared to 16% of the age group of the thirties and forties

4 LinkedIn has a small surplus of male users

5 Google+ is even more male-oriented, with a share of 70% men

6 Pinterest is dominated by tablet users and 84% of users on Pinterest are women

2013 10 social network demography income1 Social Network Usage: Women on Pinterest & Instagram/Teens on Twitter & Tumblr

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