February 19th, 2013 by Sten Franke

Sten Franke // CEO ethority // APG Mindcracker @Google Berlin // Automated Sentiment Analysis by gridmaster – Reach, Relevance, Resonance
Recently, I was guest speaker at the APG Mindcracker workshop, which took place for the first time in this form. Besides the beautiful location at Google in Berlin and the good organization (thanks to the entire local team, especially Sebastian Krowarz from Ogilvy) especially the lectures (Prof. Ulrich Weinberg from Hasso Plattner Institute – Design Thinking, Anne Beuttenmüller from Google – Google Tools, Stefan Erschwendner – Customer Development and (me) Sten Franke – Automated Sentiment Analysis by gridmaster – Reach, Relevance, Resonance) were very exciting and rewarded by all participants with a great collaborative workshop atmosphere (THX ALL!).
APG Mindcracker @Google Berlin // Design Thinking - Prof. Ulrich Weinberg // Hasso Plattner Institut

After an extensive introduction into the market, tools and fields for Social Media Monitoring & Listening, we intensively discussed the challenges of Sentiment Analysis, in particular the depth of knowledge in the so-called Social Media Listening Tools. The result of all participants was fairly clear and can be summarized as follows:

Learning: Most of the listening tools do not exceed Buzz-Tracking and therefore do not offer the opportunity to generate important consumer insights. Marketing managers want to know, what really moves their fans and costumers.

Ergo: One cannot avoid a (monetary / temporal) investment in a significant study design (wide concept and theme worlds) and technological solutions which it can process.

Trend: The era of Social Media Listening solutions, which accumulate masses of irrelevant and often redundant hits in the form of unstructured buzz, is slowly coming to an end. Qualitive insights are wanted – less is more!

Since the official launch of our new gridmaster (V3.0) Social Media Intelligence Tools is still pending, I would like to publish a screenshot at this point – as I presented at the workshop.
Our goal is to enable all agencys, companys, and organisations a cost-efficient, coherent and established analysis of their target group, their platforms, their talks and topics, as well as the latest trends. // Generation quantitative and qualitative consumer insights.//

gridmaster - Social Media Listening 3.0 – Automated Sentiment Analysis – Reach, Relevance, Resonance

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