December 1st, 2008 by Sten Franke

Companies might surely have their reasons not to adopt social media. Based on Patricia Skinner, here are some of the reasons:
• Company needs no publicity
• Company has something disastrous to hide
• Company fears the customers
• The company’s target group is exclusively customers, who are younger than 10 years old or over 100
• Company has already too many customers
• Company is on the verge of insolvency

If those reasons apply, then marketing and communication executives should definitely avoid social media. However, companies should definitely adopt to social media, if:
• Company wants sustainable sales figures
• Company wants to use one the most efficient of marketing types – Word of Mouth Marketing
• Company wants to participate in changes of media communications with respect to their customers and target market
• Company wants to convince brands evangelist and influencers with their products
• Company wants to draw more attention to their products in specific target group
• Company wants to improve their product development through digital dialogs with target group and hence, acquires long lasting brands reputation

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