August 15th, 2008 by Sten Franke

This week we would like to welcome a new blogger at ethority. From now on David, Alexander, Alic, Wilton and I won’t be the only ones blogging about social media for ethority. In the future, Fiana will be concerned with tech-gossip and will host ethority’s upcoming vodcast.

Hey Fiana, why don’t you introduce yourself?

fiana 150x150 New Blogger at ethorityHey everybody!

Working at ethority, I constantly discover new (web-)worlds that fascinate me. They’re funny, crazy, pathetic, preposterous, weird, exciting or simply interesting. Every day there’s something new and it seems almost impossible to grasp everything that is going on in the web 2.0 world today – it really is a jungle out there! And I love it! That is why I cannot wait to share my thoughts with you. I will start a tech-gossip column that will at least fill you in on what’s going on in my world – the web 2.0 world that is, of course. Moreover, I will be in charge of ethority’s vodcast we are working on right now and a few podcasts, so that there will not only be “ink” but also sound (in two different languages) and visual of me. Until then, I will post blogs on this site concerning different topics.

See you soon!


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