July 10th, 2008 by Sten Franke

The innovative means of online marketing are the future. Thus, the results of a study conducted by Harris Interactive can be summarized. On behalf of the PR agency Fleishman & Hillard, 5000 European consumers were questioned about any influence the internet has on their purchase decisions. The results were classified by the CEO of Fleishman & Hillard towards the FAZ (Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung) as follows:
“The influence of the internet is much stronger than expected – and much bigger than the marketing budgets which are fed into the net. I expect that the budgets will soon be rearranged towards the internet.”
The future for online marketing in the collaborative media seems to look very promising. According to the results of Harris, however, the traditional forms of online marketing virtually have no influence on the individual consumer’s purchase decisions. On the other hand, market researchers were able to observe the fact that the more complex a product is, the higher will the influence of user opinions on an individual consumer’s purchase decisions be. If the data is to believed, the internet will become the major field for marketers in future. The change of media use in favour of the internet alone already illustrates this consequential development. However, in the field of e-business, it is not at all sufficient to rely on the traditional elements of online marketing. In fact, it is of greater importance to utilize the communicative character of collaborative media for a successful marketing. But how could such marketing tools look like? How much effort will it take and which range can be covered? Maybe the illustration below can provide answers to these questions:

futureofmarketingbranding branded en 300x190 Study: Online Marketing Gains Ground

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